Farmhouse “Ma Che Bel Castello”:
The Castle of Maranzana is a valuable construction dating back to the XII/XIII century. It consists of 3 square towers and a circular “turret”, connected by imposing walls. You enter walking on what was once the “drawbridge” surrounded by the “moat” and passing in front of the “church of the Oratory”, now the bridge is made in masonry and the moat has become a garden.

If you look closely at the walls, you will recognize the traces of the Ghibelline “merlons”, while the “specole” and the “loopholes” that were used to spot the enemies and hit them with hot oil are clearly visible!

The Castle is located in a “strategic” position at the highest point of the hill on which stands the village of Maranzana: this means that from its windows you can enjoy an extraordinary view … no more to spy on approaching enemies, but to admire the panorama of the hills and the orderly rows of the vineyards, the thick woods, the green plain up to Alessandria, the Alps (in particular the Monviso, the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa) and the Apennines!


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Upon arrival we are struck by the majesty of the castle, a classic castle, just as you would expect with its crenellated towers, but, as you enter, it reveals its characteristics of a real farmhouse, Paola’s hospitality is warm and spontaneous and takes us immediately into the pool … there awaits the aperitif surrounded by flowers, a well-groomed lawn and the priceless view of the valley; the temperature is perfect and with our Prosecco in hand we can feel the beginning of spring. For dinner, she takes us to the small dining room that has the fireplace as the undisputed protagonist, the smell of genuine ingredients and home-made cooking. From the menu we choose between the traditional Piedmontese dishes: the agnolotti, obviously fresh hand made pasta, the rabbit and the bagna cauda; we could not resist the house jams and we left with two packs of orange jam with the addition of an original ingredient … the celery, obviously coming from their garden. Atmosphere, cuisine and perfect service, the farmhouse as it should be with genuineness … that’s why we have chosen them for you.