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Taking you to discover real Italian flavors, country-side and hidden gems is more a mission then just a job and, if you will “travel with us”, it’s going to be the perfect journey.

Why are we so different?
Because the care for you and the attention we pay to each unique detail distinguish us from everyone else: we test every restaurant and every single dish, we attend to cooking classes in person to assure you an instructive and fun learning experience, for both newbies and expert cookers … for a journey to discovering taste!

We tested first-hand every accomodation, recipe, vineyard or attraction and activity to only choose for you those that leave an unforgettable soul enriching memory.

John Steinbeck
Nobel Prize for Literature

People don’t take trips …
Trips take people !


Dive yourself in the Piedmont mood, learn to cook authentic Italian dishes, stay in our Italian charming accomodations, learn how to match wines and foods, discover the Piedmont heritage and culture, dine with local menus in typical restaurants, visit the surrounding vineyards, shop in the most exclusive boutiques in Milan, while having fun and making new friends for life.

To dedicate the full attention you deserve we plan for groups of 10 to 14 people tops, so you will always feel as the main character of your Italian experience.


Four cooking lessons, 4 hours each, with a professional chef and assistants to learn the secrects of real Italian cuisine with particular care for Piedmontese recipes such as hand-made pasta, risottis, roasts and world famous Piedmont’s boiled meats, desserts.

Upon your return at home you’ll be able to amaze friends and family with acquired culinary skills.

Because we care, only fresh products will be used so the recipies will reflect the season mood and the local products.

7 or 3
nights stay

You’ll be accomodated in a full-comforts room in one of our Piedmont’s fashinating locations for 7 or 3 nights.

The locations will host the cooking lessons and provide amenities such as outdoor pool for the warmer season, typical restaurant, equipped outdoor areas to enjoy the Langhe & Monferrato landscapes to enjoy your free time, in some cases you’ll find a SPA too.

For the 7 nights stay you’ll spend the final night in Milan, world’s fashion capital, for shopping and exploring.


You’ll enjoy two dinners in the accomodation’s restaurant, but if you choose the 7 nights journey we also selected and arranged for you two external dinners in appealing restaurants where you’ll enjoy other different but however typical menus and wines, and you will also attend a gala dinner on friday.

For the remaining 2 nights we can suggest and reserve for you other restaurants in the neighborhood if you want something you already tasted with us or something new to try.

What about the lunch? During the cooking lessons days you’ll eat the delicacies you’ve just cooked with chef’s help.

In the menus you will find worldwide famous recipies like “Risotto al Barbera”, “Tajarin alla Piemontese”, “Torta di Nocciole con Zabajone”


During the 7 nights journey we’ll accompany you in a full day guided tour to visit the main Piedmont’s historical sites, museums, hidden gems and discover typical products and ancient traditions. This full day excursion allows to fully immerse in the Italian state of mind.

One half day guided tour is also included to visit the surroundings vineyards, home of the best wines in the world and to taste, directly from the producers, typical products as cheeses, oils, wines and chocolate.

Gaia Food Academy’s guides will follow and take care of you throughout your journey, will always be present to suggest, reserve and arrange other activities for the free time and will work alongside the location’s personnel to make your journey unforgettable.
Take a look to some points of interest

is it suitable for me?

We have single guests that can meet new friends, small groups that can mix in a new bigger one, honeymoon couples … this journey is suitable for everyone that is ready to be part of a party group to learn, discover, dine, wine and have informal fun.

This experience is good for both expert cooks or for newbies, the purpose is learn italian cuisine secrets while having fun with old and new friends… of course if you are starting right with us with your new passion the chef will help you more than others !

To be sure you are always the main character of your experience and that we can take care of your journey like you deserve, we set the maximum attendance to 14 people.
You can meet other friends, not attending to cooking lessons, during tours and dinners

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Barolo … Barbaresco … Are you already reaching for the “good” glasses ?
They’re not just the names of some of the most prestigious wines in the world, but also villages that give to wine lovers as we are some precious gems like the landscapes they offer. These are places with a deep soul, only here wines suitable for meditation and philosophical reflection to share with your new friends for life can be born.
The “Barolo chinato” … let’s talk about it … this is not just oenology but it’s truly “wine-poetry”: born in 1890 from the brilliant idea of two pharmacists looking for a pleasent way for their patients to take quinine. It’s based on Barolo DOC with added sugar, alcohol, rhubarb and some other spices including “china calisaia” but each winemaker has a different recipe that keeps jealously secret … it perfectly matches with dark chocolate with at least 60-80% cocoa, you know what I’m talking about … the chocolate that leaves your tongue sticked to your palate and you’ll be happy for a week.

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vacations with cooking school